Food for Children of Borno

This is our first & PRIORITY project in partnership with Lovatt Foundation with the long term goal of raising funds for planting Edible Gardens in orphanages for Children of Borno (COBs) and at residences for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) severely affected by the armed conflict and famine in Northern Nigeria.

Edible Gardens provide continuous food supply for hundreds of people in the short run and hopefully hundreds of thousands in the long run, as well as help with Vital Reforestation of the area.


Mangoes to Share’s Anna reached Lovatt Foundation’s Fiona in June 2016 and the two immediately connected through shared values and vision. It was a “volunteering match made in heaven”.


Lovatt Foundation is the umbrella for a group of small-scale Nigerian community projects founded by Fiona Lovatt, a New Zealand poet and teacher, based in Kano, Nigeria. For years, Fiona used Facebook to share the stories and realities of life among the talakawa (the masses) in northern Nigeria. Friends, moved by the scenarios, have joined her, delighted that money and ideas go so far and that 100% of what is received is used for the purpose named by the donor. One day Fiona like so many others, wondered, “What can I do?“ Since then she focused on finding new opportunities to assist with problem-solving and capacity building of the local communities. So far she helped over 500 displaced people to re-start their lives (for as little as $135 per family for 6 months) and opened 6 homes for young orphans whose families were brutally killed in sectarian violence, (the homes are named COBs), which give shelter to over 120 young kids. The COBs focus on sustainable food growing practices, traditional education, literacy, numeracy, integrated arts, and long term trauma recovery for their kids. For more on Lovatt Foundation and Fiona’s projects click HERE.


According to the UN report of 2016 (full article is here) 4.4 million people in the Lake Chad region are categorized as “severely food insecure” – meaning they are in need of urgent food aid. The current situation is worse than it has ever been in the past 20 years and is considered a FAMINE. Right now Hundreds of Thousands of children are at risk of dying from HUNGER. On top of that, estimated 2,152,000 people are Internally Displaced People (IDPs are refugees in their own country and most of them are women and children), meaning they are escaping carnage from sectarian violence. More information on IDPs is HERE.


In northern Nigeria the food supply is being destroyed by violence, deforestation and droughts. Super high inflation makes it practically impossible for regular people to afford sufficient food to maintain nominal levels of nutrition. IDPs and orphaned children (who already witnessed horrors of their loved ones being killed) suffer the most. The Lovatt Foundation came up with a WIN-WIN SOLUTION for everyone involved. They decided to plant edible gardens in all their orphanages (COBs) as well as in residences for IDPs and teach kids sustainable agriculture at the same time. By planting their own food and by teaching kids how to do it they:

  • Establish a continuous, durable and independent food supply that costs the people no more than their labour.
  • Teach orphaned kids agriculture and life-long skills to promote their future independence.
  • Help kids with trauma recovery through contact with nature (in Fiona’s words “In tending plants they gain the food for body, mind, and soul, and their book-work goes with it.”
  • Help IDPs to provide food for their families and start a new life.
  • Help vital re-forestation efforts in the area saving resources for future generations.

Mangoes to Share has partnered up with Lovatt Foundation to help raise funds for this project and is determined to achieve a long term success of securing food independence for hundreds of thousands of Orphaned Kids and IDPs. We fund-raise through private donors, corporate donors, affiliated organizations, various fundraising activities organized throughout South Florida such as “Fit for Food” Boot Camp Series, Yoga + Boxing Class and Talk on Food Waste and Jewelry Making & Mimosas for a Cause (SEE CALENDAR).

With favorable climate conditions and warm temperatures year-round Lovatt Foundation and their kids can grow excellent food supply with a great value for an aid dollar. By helping us fund this project Your donation goes a long way and is GUARANTEED that 100% of your funds will go straight to the kids and families in need.

We guarantee that 100% of Your donation will be spent on buying trees and plants to plant, on gardening supplies, on agricultural education, and other activities involved in the project description above. Lovatt Foundation doesn’t use your donation money for any organizational expenses or bureaucratic red tape. We will constantly post and share pictures and reports of the Project’s progress and of the kids tending to their gardens funded by you.


The exchange rate currently favours our work. Costs are approximate:

TREES: Many trees and crops are available at nurseries run by owner operators in tiny urban plots.
$5 US will enable us to buy at least two young trees or several plants of:

  • Mango
  • Guava
  • Citrus
  • Pawpaw/ Papaya
  • Maize
  • Okra
  • and others…

VERTICAL GARDENS: are a bigger project which bring a huge benefit in urban food security. Approx. $250 (for more info on potential of vertical gardens click HERE)


  • Basic teaching equipment $12
  • To feed one child for a month $30
  • Gardening tools (various)

(Since the electric power goes on and off, COBs children and IDP families often spend days without access to electricity. To prevent this from happening and to secure continuous power supply, Fiona is in the process of installing solar panels in the orphanages).

  • Solar panels, batteries, inverter (estimated $1300 enough to set a humble household with solar power for 25 years)

Right Now we are Working on Phase I of the “Food for Children of Borno” Project

In Phase I our goal is to collect $10,000 to be used as follows:

$250 x 5 = $1250 to build 5 vertical gardens providing continuous food supply for 5 orphanages

$1000 = to acquire plants and materials for the nursery used to propagate plants and to provide future plant supply for the 5 orphanages

$1300 x 4 = $5200 to buy 4 sets of solar panels with batteries and converters to secure renewable electric energy for 4 orphanages for the next 25 years (on of them already has a solar panel installed)

$510 x 5 = $2550 to be divided between the 5 orphanages to provide annual rent for the 5 properties

100% of the collected funds will go the the kids

(Mangoes to Share is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all your donations are tax deductible

We live in a connected world, you can help with just one click. Every amount of help matters. The children and future generations will thank you.

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