Crisis In Nigeria

WHAT is going on in Nigeria and WHY do we want to help there?

Unfortunately conflicts involving extreme violence, sectarian wars, ethnic cleansing, food insecurity, refugee crises, and other horrors are widespread on our planet right now. There are more than 60,000,000 (sixty million)!!!! refugees worldwide and those include Internally Displaced People who are refugees in their own countries. If you take a look at international reports on these issues you will get depressed and won’t get out of bed for a month.

The fact is that we cannot help everyone at once and get involved with all the causes. If the UN and other big international organizations are failing to solve the issues, how can WE do it? Well, all we can do is to pick a cause that is closest to our hearts and that makes sense to us and do as much as possible to be part of the solution. The ideal of course is to use Effective Altruism Principles or simply make sure that the help we are providing is accomplishing the most good for the world with our limited time, energy, and resources.

Mangoes to Share picked the Lovatt Foundation as its first Project Partner because it qualifies in all of the above. Crisis in North Nigeria is ongoing and the worst it has been in decades, the Lovatt Foundation is a grassroots organization which operates on the ground and knows the true necessities of the people, and therefore is able to accomplish the most with the least resources. It doesn’t have bureaucratic governance or overhead costs like most organizations do, and 100% of ALL the funds go to the necessities of the orphans and internally displaced people.

We are very humbled and excited to be able to do our tiny part and help in the best possible way. Please check out our PROJECTS to know more.

And if you would like to understand what exactly is going on in Nigeria and don’t mind “graphic content” here is the link to the wonderful article in the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.

We live in a connected world and is our duty to be the solution…

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