Today in Kano – aren’t they delectable wonderful kids!

If you are feeling sad or down because of the small things, look around and realize how many people can use your help and support. These kids are working hard to fulfill their dreams of having a food supply and potable water…

Today in Kano, Nigeria:

“Aren’t they delectable, wonderful kids.

Today, in Kano, the children set to work getting their water supply sorted out. They have had a really hard time with water supply in this house because the real estate agents swore there was a water supply and it turns out there isn’t.

So there is this reservoir that has been clogged with rubbish and today they cleared it, ready for the next stage.

As people with plans for a nursery they know they need water and they may have to buy it, or bring it in a barrow each day, but they are sure they will add this work to their daily routine of study.

Doesn’t it make the heart swell to see them happy in the labours. They have been working through all the group and planning discussions with various experts and they are taking it step by step.

Thank you for enabling the dreaming to become a reality”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, full of gratitude!

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