More updates from Nigeria “Building Things”

Peace to everyone and greetings from Nigeria 🙂

The beautiful children we are helping, have been designing chicken tractors and working out the costs for their various Food Security projects.

Look what hope you have planted in Nigeria together with Mangoes to Share!

Here is the first chicken tractor and stories the children have composed to go with their experiences. Reading and writing everywhere as they feed their minds and bodies.

!!! Water supply was finally sorted out and ready for the 8 months of dry season in the nursery. They have several hens for egg supply and a goat for milk.

(P.S. All the animals under the children’s care are mainly for the love and affection part of the healing. They are dearly cared for and can expect a long and happy life)

Have a wonderful weekend in the sunny Miami and as always thank you for your support :)))

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