MANGOES TO SHARE’S mission is to work with underprivileged communities to alleviate hunger and poverty and care for the Earth.

We focus on helping communities become self-sufficient and engage in SUSTAINABLE agriculture and commerce.

We believe in being part of the SOLUTION.


“Mangoes to Share” began as a Miami based community project which was started in 2013 by Anna Milaeva. Its initial focus was on feeding the homeless with neighbors’ mango surplus.

The idea was born when Anna was running past a neighbor’s mango tree. Amid an array of injured, insect-eaten fruits lolling on the ground, she spotted a picture-perfect mango. It spoke to her like a beacon of fleshy deliciousness. She picked it up, continued running, and eventually stopped mid stride to eat it.

It was then that she wondered, Why so many mangoes are left to rot? So she started a Facebook page and rallied some of her closest friends to help find mango donors and volunteers. The collected fruits make their way to local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Although the organization started with mangoes, it eventually received avocado, lychee, star fruit, and citrus donations.

Since founding Mangoes to Share, Anna was interested in partnering up with like-minded grassroots organizations and in getting involved with causes related to hunger alleviation, education to promote peace and conscious agriculture. In 2016 she met Fiona Lovatt from the Lovatt Foundation, which is a grassroots foundation based in Northern Nigeria focused on finding new opportunities to assist with problem-solving and capacity building of the local communities. Lovatt Foundation helps internally displaced people and orphaned children, victims of sectarian violence, to start new lives and achieve self-sufficiency. It does so by focusing on sustainable food growing practices, traditional education and long term trauma recovery for their kids. Click HERE for more information.

Currently, Mangoes to Share and Lovatt Foundation, are working on two joint projects. First project is dedicated to achieving food security for the Orphaned Children and Internally Displaced People in Northern Nigeria. Second Project is focused on providing Education to Promote Peace by collecting used laptops in the USA, filling them with e-books and educational programs and delivering to schools & orphanages in Nigeria through the Lovatt Foundation.

Locally in South Florida, Mangoes to Share continues gathering surplus of fruit seasonally and donating it to homeless shelters. The movement is constantly expanding with more supporters, donors and volunteers joining each day. For more details click HERE.

In 2016 Mangoes to Share became fully registered Non-Profit Organziation in the State of Florida with the 501c3 Tax Status to be able to provide tax deductible receipts to all their donors.

100% of Collected Funds go to the Causes.