Bananas, guavas, new water tank, and nursery classes!

Hello hello hello!!!

We are happily sharing this week’s update from the children of Kano and Maiduguri of The Lovatt Foundation and showing what your donations were able to achieve so far. These descriptions apply to the pictures in the same order:

“The stalks of the maize have become the thatched walls and roof of a shelter for the animals during the heat of the day. While more peanuts and a harvest of okra were gathered to go in the soup pot! All these are satisfying and collaborative physical labors that our children enjoy and learn from.

Banana and guavas were planted yayyyyyyyyy

New water tank was finally installed to save the back breaking work of drawing the water out of an underground reservoir.

The guy in the black and plaid shirt in one of the pictures makes his living from a nursery. Today, when the children had gathered the sand, manure, organic matter , and recycled bags, he came to guide them in making a good bedding mixture. The money helps us pay him to come for three afternoons a week. With the photos and drawings the children are making their own little book about procedures and processes for making a nursery and raising plants!!!

You have given us a wonderful start and the children are thriving with all the funds for these activities and projects.

Your money bought fruit for the children to eat as well. They “ate like scientists” and saved the seeds for future planting

Thank you!!! Peace and love to everyone

More updates from Nigeria “Building Things”

Peace to everyone and greetings from Nigeria 🙂

The beautiful children we are helping, have been designing chicken tractors and working out the costs for their various Food Security projects.

Look what hope you have planted in Nigeria together with Mangoes to Share!

Here is the first chicken tractor and stories the children have composed to go with their experiences. Reading and writing everywhere as they feed their minds and bodies.

!!! Water supply was finally sorted out and ready for the 8 months of dry season in the nursery. They have several hens for egg supply and a goat for milk.

(P.S. All the animals under the children’s care are mainly for the love and affection part of the healing. They are dearly cared for and can expect a long and happy life)

Have a wonderful weekend in the sunny Miami and as always thank you for your support :)))

Today in Kano – aren’t they delectable wonderful kids!

If you are feeling sad or down because of the small things, look around and realize how many people can use your help and support. These kids are working hard to fulfill their dreams of having a food supply and potable water…

Today in Kano, Nigeria:

“Aren’t they delectable, wonderful kids.

Today, in Kano, the children set to work getting their water supply sorted out. They have had a really hard time with water supply in this house because the real estate agents swore there was a water supply and it turns out there isn’t.

So there is this reservoir that has been clogged with rubbish and today they cleared it, ready for the next stage.

As people with plans for a nursery they know they need water and they may have to buy it, or bring it in a barrow each day, but they are sure they will add this work to their daily routine of study.

Doesn’t it make the heart swell to see them happy in the labours. They have been working through all the group and planning discussions with various experts and they are taking it step by step.

Thank you for enabling the dreaming to become a reality”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, full of gratitude!

Our first Fit for Food Boot Camp & Health Fair was a success!

Many thanks to all the Sponsors, Volunteers and Participants for supporting us at the first FUNd-rasing event.

Together we transformed our small gathering into a BIG success!!! We were able to send $2000 to the orphanages to support over 120 kids. It feels amazing to be able to help these kids in such a meaningful way.

Here are the links to the ALBUM 1 and ALBUM 2 to check out the pictures

At the Lovatt Foundation .Org they are mighty excited, imagining how many trees can go in while they still have rain, and how those trees will keep the children engaged in gardening even when the season changes the annual crops to dry stumble.

They have BIG plans for these funds and want to share their excitement and plans with all the supporters in the US:

(1) PERMACULTURE FOR KIDS: They had been in contact with a Nigerian friend who installs solar generators as his business. As his hobby he has a permaculture project going on at his home. He is willing to come to one of the orphanage homes in Kano and teach permaculture to the children and staff. He is also willing to add some cuttings of plants like grapes which are otherwise regarded as exotic in Northern Nigeria just because no one has seriously gotten into their cultivation. He will be doing that in November and from one house they expect the knowledge to spread to others.

(2) NURSERIES FOR KIDS: They have been thinking about using the money most efficiently for the greater good. The first of 5 orphan houses has a good water supply and its inhabitants are the most advanced in terms of having their own gardens, crops and orchards. They can host children from other houses for some workshops with experts, and develop some intensive nurseries of fruiting trees and vines, ready for next rainy season planting. COB1 in Maiduguri and COB5 in Kano would have the nurseries and the input of some special advisors who are experienced in permaculture and agronomy in the region.

(3) BEE KEEPING PROJECT FOR KIDS: Fiona, the founder of The Lovatt Foundation started a group on Facebook called BEES Nigeria. The local beekeepers have an excellent range of honeys that they collect using age-old methods. Through the network, she have found some traditional beekeepers who would help the children of COB5, Kano make a traditional hive and then help them with getting it populated and productive. Honey has massive health benefits and it is used medicinally. So this way the kids will expand into the bee keeping too! About $100 will go to the materials, tuition and support at one home and then hopefully they can expand that idea across the rest of the houses.

ALL these plans and ideas for the 5 orphanages will be funded with our first contribution of $2000!!!

How exciting!!! The money goes a long way for these kids and this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for future events, sponsorship and fundraising opportunities, and please don’t forget to share our page with your friends and family!
Sharing is Caring and Caring makes us happy!


Crisis In Nigeria

WHAT is going on in Nigeria and WHY do we want to help there?

Unfortunately conflicts involving extreme violence, sectarian wars, ethnic cleansing, food insecurity, refugee crises, and other horrors are widespread on our planet right now. There are more than 60,000,000 (sixty million)!!!! refugees worldwide and those include Internally Displaced People who are refugees in their own countries. If you take a look at international reports on these issues you will get depressed and won’t get out of bed for a month.

The fact is that we cannot help everyone at once and get involved with all the causes. If the UN and other big international organizations are failing to solve the issues, how can WE do it? Well, all we can do is to pick a cause that is closest to our hearts and that makes sense to us and do as much as possible to be part of the solution. The ideal of course is to use Effective Altruism Principles or simply make sure that the help we are providing is accomplishing the most good for the world with our limited time, energy, and resources.

Mangoes to Share picked the Lovatt Foundation as its first Project Partner because it qualifies in all of the above. Crisis in North Nigeria is ongoing and the worst it has been in decades, the Lovatt Foundation is a grassroots organization which operates on the ground and knows the true necessities of the people, and therefore is able to accomplish the most with the least resources. It doesn’t have bureaucratic governance or overhead costs like most organizations do, and 100% of ALL the funds go to the necessities of the orphans and internally displaced people.

We are very humbled and excited to be able to do our tiny part and help in the best possible way. Please check out our PROJECTS to know more.

And if you would like to understand what exactly is going on in Nigeria and don’t mind “graphic content” here is the link to the wonderful article in the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.

We live in a connected world and is our duty to be the solution…